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Pear, duck breast and Fourme d'Ambert puff pastry

Ingredients for about ten puff pastries:

- 10 slices of smoked duck breast

- Fourme d'Ambert cheese

- 1 fresh pear

- puff pastry

- 2/3 onions

- 1 tbsp. caster sugar

- 10 cl chicken stock

- salt and pepper

- olive oil

Start by finely chopping your onions.

Fry them in a pan with a little olive oil. Add your chicken stock and a tablespoon of caster sugar. Let them stew gently without burning. Set aside.

Roll out your puff pastry on your work surface.

Take a cookie cutter of your choice.

Cut out the first piece, then use a smaller cutter to cut out a new piece of puff pastry and place the second on top of the first.

To form a "vol au vent". Cut your Fourme d'Ambert cheese into small cubes. Cut slices of fresh pears. Take your puff pastry vol au vent.

Place your onions in the centre, place your slice of smoked duck breast, place your diced Fourme d'Ambert cheese and your fresh pear. In your Augoust Grill oven

at 180°/200°C and cook your puff pastry for 10 minutes (watch it cook) on the pizza stone.


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