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An epicurean way of life

augoust soirée d'été plancha four grill

Atmosphere & Taste! 

WOOD FIRE. Unleash the flavour with the art of wood fire grilling.

Grilling enthusiasts understand that nothing beats the smoky, rich flavours that can only be achieved with a wood fire barbecue. It's important to highlight the unique benefits and features that set our grills apart in discovering the unmatched taste and experience they offer. For an enchanting and mouthworthing spectacle.

Our appliances are designed around the gastronomic experiences with wood fire flavors.
Our passion is to provide a precise cooking procedure to best prepare quality food. Mr Marc Haeberlin and Mr Yoann Conte are amongst many star chefs who praised our products to offer gourmet meals.


Simplicity & Speed

The ignition is simple and ultra-fast (15 min), the temperatures can be perfectly regulated. Our diswasher friendly accessories are designed to provide convenience and ease of cleaning, making maintainance a breeze.

Users limit the risks of burns due to innovative consumer friendly ergonomy.

Advanced technology and an accurate air flow make our wood fired grill and planchas fitting to our modern life styles.

Our appliances consume little wood, heat up rapidly, and offer multiple cooking and serving options. Due to our technical expertise, our appliances provide for all ingredients to be roasted to perfection avoiding scorching and carbonization.

augoust brasero plancha

Indirect cooking

Thanks to our innovative cooking procedure, food remains succulent with distinctive smoky flavor. This method of cooking is resulting in tender, juicy and flavor-dishes while preserving the nutrients.

Preparing food in a healthy style largely contributes to our well-being.
Our appliances just do that !

Our cooking appliances have a « built in fat recovery method », designed to ensure ingredients have no direct contact with the flame.

Cast iron is the best material for cooking, said Paul Bocuse.
Durability and craftsmanship of the wood fired cooking devices made with high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or enamelled cast iron, that ensure longevity and resistance to extreme heat. They contribute to even heat distribution, preventing hot or cold spots and ensuring consistent cooking results. We are proud to offer a 10 year waranty.

recette augoust cuisson feu de bois

Design Made in Alsace


For those who know our history, our way of life, the Augoust Collection began with the outdoor Four Grill in 2014. This was created in the Alsatian De Dietrich factories.

Over the years, we have kept local production, in Strasbourg, but also the use of high quality raw materials: cast iron (10-year warranty), stainless steel. 

According to Paul Bocuse, cast iron is the best material for cooking, in particular thanks to its ability to distribute heat, but also because it is infinitely recyclable, while lasting over time. Wood-fired cooking appliances that adapt to all temperatures and seasons!

appareil cuisson four grill augoust
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