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100% pleasure

It creates conviviality and brings a unique taste to your food: meat, fish, vegetables...

healthy cooking

Our wood-fired cooking appliances have no direct contact between your food and the flame. No charred meal but recovery of cooked fats. 


Augoust offers you the pleasure of being able to enjoy your guests! With ultra-fast ignition, in just 15 MIN! 

Our devices do not smoke your spaces and use very little wood. 


The main material used is cast iron: materials that are robust to bad weather and guaranteed for 10 years. 

Simplicity & Security

Handling your ingredients is done out of flame. 

By our always cold wrists, we dispense with thermal gloves! 


Simpler it is not possible!

Quick cleaning in the dishwasher of cast iron and stainless steel elements. 


The most important! 

Cooking over a wood fire brings you the atmosphere of a successful evening, also the taste and cooking conditions of tasty textures... 


In addition to his prize obtained at the Concours Lépine in 2016-2018. THEAugoust wood-fired cooking appliances, are perfect for dressing up your terraces! 


Our history

When I created the first wood-fired appliance in 2016, I had the feeling that the "Rolls of outdoor ovens" had yet to be invented. A lover of "Tarte Flambée" (Flamflamenkuch), like any good self-respecting Alsatian, I wanted to rediscover the perfection and unique taste of cooking over a wood fire, in a practical oven that can be used outdoors. So I wanted to bring innovations compared to barbecues, grills or other planchas that existed on the market.


Who hasn't spent hours cooking in front of their barbecue or grill to start the fire or watch the cooking, while their friends relax in the sun? Who hasn't burned themselves handling meat over flames? Who hasn't ended up with cutlets or merguez that are undercooked or on the contrary charred and extremely harmful to health?

It is almost impossible to prepare tasty dishes without even and regulated cooking. However, current outdoor cooking appliances do not make it possible to obtain cooking as perfect as the controlled-heat ovens used indoors. Cooking to heart and discovering the cuisines of the world, over a wood fire my objective was to allow consumers to live unique culinary experiences outdoors, in complete safety, and this, at any time of the year.


To see my idea through to the end, I worked for three years, notably in collaboration with the Niederbronn Foundry. By working on the design of the oven and integrating great features, I was able to create an all-in-one, wood-fired appliance that makes it easy to cook multiple recipes outdoors, in the oven, on the grill, a la plancha or with the wok with the taste of the wood fire in addition. This innovation even turns into a brazier to prolong the conviviality and the magic as soon as the weather turns cold!


Proof of the accuracy of our intuition and the relevance of our product, the device won over the Jury of the 2016 Lépine Competition, which awarded it the Gold Medal, as well as hundreds of users. Augoust is now preparing to conquer Europe. Outdoor gastronomy has a bright future ahead of it!

Our Origins

Cast iron, the chef's material for exceptional cooking

The Augoust oven-grill is made of enamelled cast iron, which allows it to stay outdoors and maintain an impeccable appearance, without rusting, with great ease of maintenance, 365 days a year. From a century-old French foundry, cooking enthusiasts and epicureans delight in the cooking provided by cast iron. The wok, also in cast iron, is a perfect ally for successful paellas, crispy pan-fried vegetables or Asian dishes as desired. Smoking food is also child's play: the upper grill, ideally placed, receives the ribs of beef or pork, salmon, poultry or fish. As soon as the smoke escapes from the smoking wood, all you have to do is close the nozzle valve and let the food soak up the smoky taste so typical of cooking over a wood fire.

The meats and fish are tender and smoked naturally, offering a result bluffing to cooks, even amateurs.

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