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Plancha & brasero with wood fire

Easy-to-live-with cooking units for all seasons

for epicureans only

Rapid double-ventilated

Easy fire-starting: a ready-to-use fire in less than 15 minutes.


Exceptional combustion quality

There's no smoke when you cook your grilled meats, meats, desserts or fish: the fumes are burned directly.

Augoust offers very low wood consumption: only 40L for 2 hours of use using your plancha brazier and 20L for 2 hours using the grill oven.


Healthy cooking

The brasero is designed to avoid direct flame contact with food.  Carcinogenic deposits of burnt fat on food are avoided.



No risk of burns on handling areas. Handles stay cool.

Quick cleaning

Enamelled cast iron is dishwasher-safe. Ashes are collected in the ash drawer. 

Brasero lounge en corten - augoust - cuisson au feu de bois - barbecue - plancha - grill

French and Alsacian company

Augoust is located in Strasbourg.

Find brasero, plancha or grill that suits you best

French and Alsacian company

Lifetime warranty*

Low wood consumption.

Quick heat-up.

Suitable for everyday use.

French and Alsacian company

Augoust is located in Strasbourg.

Augoust offers wood-fired cooking appliances: Brasero Plancha, Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 for terraces and pergolas, Table Plancha with integrated Brasero, Gourmet outdoor grill oven. As well as accessories for your  brasero and premium quality consumables. Outdoor kitchen products in a range of materials: enamelled cast iron, stainless steel, etc. 




Discover the Art of Outdoor Cooking with Braseros, Planchas, Grills and Outdoor Ovens
When the mild summer evenings set in, there's nothing more pleasant than bringing family and friends together for a meal outside. To turn these moments into memorable culinary experiences, nothing compares to the intelligent use of braseros, planchas, grills and outdoor ovens. This versatile equipment combines the conviviality of an outdoor meal with the magical experience of cooking, adding a tou
ch of exquisite flavour to every bite.



Braseros: the Harmony of Warmth and Ambience
Braseros, these open fireplaces with a rustic charm, are not just used to warm up chilly nights. Braseros create a warm and welcoming ambience, encouraging guests to gather and share stories around the dancing flames. Imagine savouring barbecue while feeling the gentle touch of the night breeze..



Planchas: The Art of Healthy Outdoor Cooking
Planchas are smooth, high-performance cooking appliances, adding new dimension to outdoor cooking. With their even heat distribution, planchas preserve the natural flavors of food while minimising the addition of fat. Imagine fresh vegetables sizzling, succulent shrimps turning golden, all without compromising on nutrition or flavor. Planchas are a celebration of healthy cooking awakening the taste buds.



Grills: Smoky Flavour Explosion
Outdoor grills are much more than cooking equipment, they're gateways to the world of smoked and grilled flavour. Whether it's juicy steaks, homemade burgers or vegetables grilled to perfect perfection, grills add a touch of authenticity to every dish. The seductive aroma of wood burning and the crispy texture of meat brings back memories of family meals in the garden. With an outdoor grill, every dish becomes a celebration of simplicity and delightful sophistication.

Outdoor ovens: Unlimited Creativity

Imagine being able to cook like a Michelin-starred chef, even outdoors. Outdoor ovens offers just that. From crispy pizzas cooked to perfection to freshly baked breads, these ovens allow you to explore new culinary dimensions outdoor. Cooking becomes a limitless adventure, where every dish tells a story of creativity and innovation. 

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