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table plancha avec braséro et barbecue intégré, table terasse barbecue, augoust

Ideal for meals with family and friends (up to 8 people), Table Plancha table can also be transformed into a stand-up buffet! Table Plancha allows different foods to be cooked simultaneously. Juices and fats flow to the center and are burned for better and, above all, healthier cooking! 


Low wood consumption: only 3 to 4 logs for your meal

Ready to use in just 15 minutes!

Ultra-easy ring maintenance: dishwasher-safe 

Several simultaneous cooking temperatures (Bi zone plancha), 350°C and 120°C

Perfect for family meals or aperitif dinners


Table Plancha : only 85 KG 

(Length 140 cm, Width 125 cm, Height 93 cm)



- Solid oak planks (oiled)

- Powder-coated aluminum base 

- Wheels for easy movement 

- Both tables can be configured in several positions 

- The plancha comes in 6 dishwasher-safe 4 kg segments

- Aluminum brasero

- Double-ventilated Corten steel fire sink, stainless steel ashtray

- 4 wheels, 125 mm diameter

- Warm-up time: 15 minutes

Your shipment includes :

  • Brasero Plancha

  • Set of 2 wooden tables


Recommended accessories: 

- Fondue set + Wok

- Lid

- Set of 2 wooden tables

table plancha avec braséro et barbecue intégré, table terasse barbecue, augoust

Accessorize your brasero as you wish with the fondue set or the removable tables

About Table Plancha Augoust with integrated Brasero

Table Plancha is a versatile piece of furniture designed to create a unique outdoor cooking experience. The table is made from high-quality wood for a warm, rustic look, while its cast-iron legs ensure stability and durability. Designed designed to meet the needs of professional chefs and family barbecue enthusiasts equally.

What are features of Table Plancha with integrated Brasero?


Versatility: The Table Plancha with integrated Brasero is designed to offer two different cooking modes in a single piece of furniture. It features a stainless steel enamelled cast iron griddle, perfect for roasting vegetables, seafood, meat and much more. It also features a built-in brasero, ideal for cooking food over a wood fire, creating a cosy atmosphere and allowing guests to enjoy the show of live cooking.


Quality materials: The wood used for Table Plancha with integrated Brasero is treated to resist weather and temperature variations, making it the perfect choice for outdoor use. The cast-iron legs ensure solid stability, even when the table is used on an uneven surface. We also offer a stainless steel cooking ring for your plancha brasero (on request).

Ergonomic design: The Table Plancha with integrated Brasero is designed for both seated and standing use. Chefs will appreciate its comfortable height for cooking and serving their customers, while family diners can sit around the table to enjoy convivial meals.

The Table Plancha with integrated Brasero is the perfect way to add a touch of sophistication to your outdoor events, from intimate family dinners to professional hospitality. It combines the conviviality of a wood fire with the convenience of plancha cooking, providing a memorable culinary experience for all your guests.


Maintaining and ensuring the safety of your Table Plancha with integrated Brasero is essential to guarantee its durability and the safety of those who use it. Here are a few tips to help you do just that:

Regular cleaning:

Clean the enamelled cast iron plancha after each use to avoid the build-up of food residues. Use a spatula to remove any particles.

Also clean the brasero after each use to remove ashes and debris. Make sure it has cooled completely before cleaning.

Wood care :

The table is made of wood, treat the wood with a protective product to preserve it from weather. Repeat this operation every season, depending on exposure to elements. If you forget and notice extra abrasion, sand the table with fine grain and oil over the top.

Fire safety :

When using the brasero, make sure it is installed on a stable, non-combustible surface, such as a concrete slab, patio, summer kitchen, gravelled area. 

Keep a fire extinguisher handy in case of emergency. And make sure you don't make show fires with flames over a metre high. 

Keep a constant eye on the fire while you're cooking and make sure it's completely out when you've finished.

Winter storage:

If you're not using Table Plancha over winter, store it in a dry place . Ideally, cover it with a protective cover to extend its lifetime.

Safety equipment .

Make sure you have a clear space around the table to avoid the risk of tripping or accidental contact with flammable objects. 

Following these maintenance and safety tips will help you enjoy your Table Planchafor many seasons to come. Don't forget that safety is the top priority when using any outdoor cooking appliance.

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