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Brasero Lounge 3 in 1: contemporary design, safe use and smokeless. Ideal to make special every moment with your friends or family cooking all together around the wood fire.



Ready to use in just 15 minutes!

No smoke!

Double-ventilated fire basket, equipped with an ashtray underneath

Low wood consumption: only 3 to 4 logs for your meal

Table structure on wheels

Storage drawers for your accessories 

Removable cooking arm, for a full flat surface

Cover to close the fire basket

Technical characteristics

120 kg Length 115cm,

width 95 cm, height 30 cm


- Made of corten steel or galvanized steel with double layer of powder-coated paint.

- Wheels and adjustable feet to stabilize and move it.

- Corten steel fire basket with double ventilation and stainless-steel ashtray.

- Removable stainless steel rotating arm

- Cast-iron enameled plancha, dishwasher safe

- Storage drawer for arm and plancha

- Enameled cast-iron plancha can be cleaned in the dishwasher


Your shipment includes : 

- patio table

- brasero

- plancha

augoust brasero lounge corten

Smokeless cooking

Healthy wood-fired cooking

Saving wood

Hot brazier in 15 min!

Available in black or corten steel with adaptable top

About Brasero Lounge 3 In 1 Augoust

Augoust offers you a Brasero Lounge 3 in 1. It's a patio table designed to bring comfort to your patio or garden. Made from cast iron, this Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 is weatherproof, allowing it to be used all year round. The designer Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 is easy to use and maintain, so you don't need any special skills to operate it.


The design of the low brasero prevents the heat from getting too close to the table, ensuring the safety of your guests. Our Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 is also versatile, so it can also be used as a patio table barbecue. By placing a grill over the brasero, you can cook a variety of foods while enjoying the warmth of the fire. With its elegant, modern design, this Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 can also be used as a piece of designer furniture that blends easily into any outdoor space. This patio table can also be used as a decorative element to create a warm and friendly atmosphere. The enameled cast-iron bowl with double ventilation ensures that food is cooked to perfection.  

The stainless-steel rotating arm is fitted with a cast-iron grill or plancha to allow you to cook to your heart's content. The storage drawer in the arm is handy for storing your kitchen accessories. With Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 you can enjoy a cozy campfire while sitting comfortably around the table with your guests. Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 is made from thick Corten sheet metal, making it resistant to corrosion and the elements.

Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 has a cast-iron cover that allows you to extinguish the fire safely. The cover also protects Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 from rain and bad weather, prolonging its life. 

Thanks to its wheels and fixed base, Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 is easy to move around to suit your needs.


In conclusion, Brasero Lounge 3 in 1 is a must for barbecues lovers and outdoor parties. Its elegant, practical design makes it a versatile, sophisticated accessory that will add a touch of elegance to your outdoor space.

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