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Apple, pecan and maple syrup cake

- 200 g pecans

- 30 cl maple syrup (approx.)

- 2 apples, diced

- 1 teaspoon baking soda - 60 g butter

- 150 g brown sugar

- 3 eggs

- 150 g flour with baking powder

- 5 cl apple juice


Cut the pecans in half.

Butter the cake tin.

Add the pecans to the bottom and pour in the maple syrup.

Mix the brown sugar and butter in a bowl. Mix well.

Add the eggs, 2 diced apples, flour, baking soda and apple juice.

Pour the batter into the tin and bake on the stone of the outdoor multifunction oven for 35 or 40 minutes at 170°C, check the baking with a knife. It should come out clean.

Wait for it to cool completely before turning it out of the tin and onto a serving dish.


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