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Duck breast with clementines and oranges

- Number of people: 6

- Preparation time: 20 minutes

- Cooking time : 25 minutes

- Necessary accessories : rosette, plancha


- 3 duck breasts

- About ten clementines

- 120 g caster sugar

- 40 cl freshly squeezed orange juice without pulp

- 8 cl of sherry vinegar

- 1 tablespoon of honey

- A few sprigs of rosemary

- salt and pepper

- Long pepper for seasoning the duck


Prepare the orange sauce: pour the sugar into a saucepan over medium heat. When it becomes caramel-coloured, pour in the sherry vinegar and stir until smooth. Add the orange juice and honey. Season with salt and pepper. Reduce over medium heat until syrupy.

Meanwhile, peel the clementines. Trim the duck breasts, squaring the skin with a knife.

Prepare the Augoust outdoor grill with the rosette and the plancha. Raise the temperature to 180°C. Place the duck breasts skin side down on the griddle and season with salt. Turn over after 8 to 10 minutes of cooking, continue cooking on the flesh side according to taste. Remove the duck breasts from the griddle and leave them to rest for 10 minutes under a sheet of aluminium foil. Season with a little long pepper.

Cut the clementines in half crosswise. Place them on the plancha for a few moments, they should be just seared. Season with salt and pepper.

Present the duck breasts on a plate with the clementines lightly coated with sauce. Sprinkle with rosemary. Serve immediately.

Serve with mashed potatoes.


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